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Partnership Rules

In a previous post I mentioned a bit about Colbert’s rules.  Isabelle and I have some partnership rules too but they aren’t really about bidding.  I think they can be called the beer rules.  They are about transgressions that are worth a beer to partner.  (We have upgraded from coffee since Isabelle doesn’t like it).

Beer Rules

1. The notes are always right (until you change them) and you always lose any discussion (and a beer) if you don’t follow the notes .

2. Blocking suits or signalling with the setting trick costs a beer

3.  Failing to try to defeat a hand on defence when it is possible is beer offence.

4. Failing to take your 9 tricks in 3nt (or your 10 tricks in a suit contract) is beer e worthy.

5. We never questions partner’s bidding judgment or style  Its okay to
have a general discussion about preempt style, balancing etc.  Upsetting partner is worth at least 1 beer.

6.   It’s okay to make a mistake.  It’s not as good to make excuses but we don’t let either of those two things bother us.  No beer for the
mistake but a beer for the excuse.

Do any of you have any suggestions?

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Ray LeeJanuary 11th, 2008 at 3:08 pm

To expand on #1, I suspect Linda has the same understanding with Isabelle as she does with me: if you deviate from system (as described in the notes), you lose any post-mortem automatically. You are allowed to indulge in flights of fancy, but strictly at your own risk. Whatever happens thereafter, even on defense, you are responsible for the result.

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