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David is a star at the Kingston Sectional

David Sabourin, Jeff and Isabelle Smith and I headed off to Kingston to play in the sectional this weekend.  We had a great time, the tournament was well run and the other 2 proved to be really great teammates We had a lot of laughs.

We did pretty well.  I was too late for the Friday game but David and Jeff were second.  We won our flight A knockout.  We placed somewhere in the Swiss but we blamed Jeff for not doing better.  He read the website incorrectly and we arrived too late for the first round, starting the event with a zero.  However we asked to be paired up so we still had some good opponents to play and didn’t mind much.  Curse you Red Baron.

David had the very best hand.  I love squeezes and David was able to make a slam with a nice squeeze.  


West Dealer

  S AQJX  
  H KJ8X  
  D AQJX  
  C X  
void   A10XX
Kxx   10XXX
  S XXX  
  H Q9XXX  
  D XX  
  C AQX  


Opponent 1 Jeff Opponent 2 David
1C Dbl Pass 2H
Pass 4C Pass 4H
Pass 4S (RKC) Pass 5C (1 or 4)
Pass 6H All Pass  

After West opened 1C, David and Jeff quickly arrived in 6H.  At our table the opponents were in 4H so this was going to be a swing for one team or the other.  With an opening bid in front of dummy most cards are likely to be well placed. 

The opening lead was a small diamond and the diamond Jack won the trick.  David tried the Heart Jack which went low low and surprise show out with a club.  6H had suddenly got very interesting. David continued with a club to the ace and played a diamond to the King and the Ace and cashed the Diamond Jack discarding a club from hand.  Another heart was ducked to the heart 9 allowing David to take the spade finesse and East won the heart K with the heart A arriving at this position.


  S AJX  
  H 8  
  D X  
H void   H 10
D   D 10
C KJ   C 9X
  S XX  
  H QX  
  C Q


If West leads a club back David can trump, trump a diamond, draw the last trump and take the spade finesse.  West returned a trump.  David won, East throwing a club.  Now the play of the last heart squeezed East in the black suits.  This was the first board at their table and as you can imagine it took a long time to play.  To throw us off the scent they sent the last two (unplayed) boards when we exchanged boards.  We couldn’t figure out why it took them so long to play those hands.

Isabelle and I had a very good tournament.  We only had one system problem and that one was in an area that we had just changed and hadn’t really worked through.  We had some really sweet defences and were eagle eyed at getting to all slams and reasonable games.

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