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But we did it all right (and lost imps)

I have been so busy in the last few weeks that I just haven’t had the energy to BLOG.  But things have finally calmed down and I am getting mentally ready for Kingston this weekend and then the CWTC starting the next one.  Practising in a team game this hand came up.  I thought we bid and played it well but … See what you think.


S K86
H AK873
D Q63
C Q5
S AJ107
H 5
D AKJ982
C 86


Izzy dealer NV vs V

Isabelle    Linda

1H            2D

3D            3S

5D            all pass


I have already been trained that when Isabelle signs off I should pass so the final pass was easy. 

The opening lead was the CK followed quickly by the CA and South then switched to the HQ.  I ruffed a heart in hand with the D9 as both followed and played two trump ending in dummy with North showing out on the second round.  I ruffed a heart in hand as North showed out in hearts  pitching the C3 and then the CJ.  I now know that South started the 3 clubs (he played the CK and CA that way, 5 hearts and 3 diamonds hence 2 spades.  He has shown up with the QJ10 of hearts and the AK of clubs for what that is worth.  Who has the spade queen?  It can’t hurt to play off the remaining diamonds and throw two spades from dummy.  But to be honest it doesn’t help much either.  South follows to the first diamond and throws a club on the second.  North throws clubs on both. 


This is the end position (hand rotated)


                S K8

                H K8

S ??                           S ????

H J10

               S AJ107

Well you know the rest.  I crossed to dummy on the SK.  Cash the HK and played a spade and yes, I finessed into the doubleton queen.  The tragic part was at the other table they blithely bid the 3NT and got a club lead and since the position wasn’t clear the defence switched at trick 2 to a heart (instead of cashing 6 clubs) and conceded 12 tricks.

We have been playing well and I think we are both looking forward to the upcoming events.  I hope we do well but I know we are as ready as we can be.

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