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This month we are providing the July 1996 issue of Canadian Master Point as a free download.  When I opened the front page I couldn’t help but notice that I had written the editorial.  The best part of it was a picture of me from 1996.  I looked great, where is Dorian Gray when you need him?  The editorial describes my idea of how bridge games should be fun.  This was before the days of lots of online bridge and I started to think about the differences between tournaments, clubs and online.  Perfection is different and the problems are different but actually I think online bridge has resolved some of the problems inherent in bridge at the table (while creating new ones perhaps?)  In fact my son Colin has written an article in this issue about bridge on the Internet.  But by now I already know that 😀 is a smiling face.

Fred Gitelman describes his experience playing with George Mittleman in the Cavendish.  Check out George’s one spade overcall about halfway through the article.  His spades are great but his high cards are many.  See what you think.

David Silver has a lovely story which involves defeating the “unbridge” players who win by being lucky having made some sort of pact to get the luck.  But sometimes being too lucky can cost.  Roselyn Teukolsky discusses a hand from a team game where you can try to make the hand with a squeeze or finesse.  Which one should it be?

There is a lovely bridge cryptic in this issue with the words in the crossword generally bridge terms.  Warning, if you aren’t used to doing cryptic crosswords you will find this one a challenge.  I have never been good at them and looking at this one right now I know I would be filling out a lot of the puzzle by looking at the answers later in the magazine.

There are many more good articles including a discussion of responsive doubles in crowded auctions, an article on the value of lying low with distributional hands by Ray Jotcham with some cool real life examples, a fascinating set of hands played by the Indian international team and a lot more including two articles for new players.

You can go to and download the magazine for free.  Let me know what you think of our free magazines.  You can comment here or send me an email at

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