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An Interesting Deal from BBO to play and defend

While this deal is mostly about card play the bidding is not without interest.  First what do you think about my bid?  I held


♠ KQJ764
♥ 10
◊ 985
♣ J63


The auction had started with 1♥ from my partner and 2◊ on my right.  I have no sensible bid as far as I am concerned.  So with some guilt I bid 2♠.  I know this is wrong but those spades were so lovely.  I was about to get what I deserved.  (Note: at the other table they made the same bid).  Here is Sylvia’s hand

♠ 953
♥ AKQ763
◊ K7
♣ K9

She made the very reasonable bid of 4♠ (not reached at the other table).

Looking at her hand you are aware of all the reasons why I shouldn’t bid 2♠.  Ah but the opponents are about to cooperate.  I don’t get a diamond lead; I get a heart lead.  Now you need to visualize the lie of the cards that will allow you to make the hand.



I am going to need some luck and some good guessing to make it.  After the opening lead of the ♥9 I played the top two hearts and the ♥J fell.  I now have to guess the hearts and the rest of the distribution.  On the cards the winning line is to play two rounds of hearts, ruff the third heart in hand and play the ♠K.  You will need a spade entry to dummy to get to the established hearts which means the ♠10 has to come down in no more than two rounds.  Beyond that you need North to have the missing aces.  I played the third round of hearts.  If hearts are 3-3 this is the right play because it works on all the same cases as a heart ruff but also when North has the singleton ♠A or when South has the ♣A. 

But would South really have lead a heart from three little?  I am not sure why he lead a heart at all to be honest but leading from three little seems strange.  So in retrospect I should have played the correct line.  There was one little vigorish in my line though.  It is very hard to find the correct defense from the North hand.   At the table North ruffed low and I overruffed and played a top spade.  North won the ♣A.  No matter what he does he has to give me an entry to dummy in a minor suit to establish the heart winners and the ♠9 provides a second entry. 

The winning defense is to ruff with the ♠A and get out a spade. 

Thanks Bridge Base for the chance to use your amazing new movies!

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