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After I posted my last blog a reader posted a comment to let me know that the Montreal Regional provided both prizes and hand records on the website.  Sharyn Reus has picked up my prize (thank you) and I am now looking at the website.Bridge Montreal.

I think this website is worth mentioning in my Internet review.  The first thing to note is that this website is available in both English and French.  (The English and French are listed side by side which is fun because it is a good way to practice my French).  There is a list of bridge clubs on a map of Montreal.


Can you believe that every red dot is a bridge club.  Can I move there, Ray.  This looks like bridge heaven.  When I click on a dot I see a picture of the proprietor, all the contact information, the times and days of games, special events, and a link to their website.  Wow.

Another page contains a list of all local events.  If I click on an event I get more details, like any the entry fee, the types of points awarded, the type of event etc.

The tournament tab shows me the story of local tournaments.  Right now at the top of the page recent CAN-AM Regional that I played in a few days ago is up on the site.  They have pictures of the winners of all the events.  (Great idea).  Below is are the smiling winner of the major pairs event.


All of the results are posted.  In the matchpoint events the entire sheet is posted with the matchpoints board by board.  And there are hand records.

I am in awe.  Do other parts of the country do this?  I need to check this out.  This is what I have wanted for a long time. 

Okay, I just have to check out the Toronto website.  I find Unit 166.  There is a complete event schedule with results.  The results show the placement and masterpoints.  There is a list of masterpoint holdings and recent masterpoint promotions (For those who care).  There is a list of bridge clubs with lots of information about the clubs and all the scores from all the games.  The Kibitzer, the fine Unit 166 magazine, is online with lots of back issues.  Under bridge links I am happy to see bridgeblogging.  I will look around for other good area websites but let me know if you know of one you like too.   Well done too.  I guess bridge is really getting online.

I will look around for other good area websites but let me know if you know of one you like too.


MichaelAugust 20th, 2009 at 2:21 pm

check out

KadenNovember 24th, 2011 at 6:39 pm

There’s a terrific amount of knodwlege in this article!

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