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All You Need Is Love

I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  There are few reasons.  I had a lot of deadlines, Ray was sick and needing “wifeing”, I have been jet lagged myself even though there is only one time zone to Sao Paulo  Sylvia has been off on a desert island with her ancient aunt and no Internet. Colin has been working as hard as I used to when I was his age And most importantly I have been working on Clyde E. Love.

However this morning I am feeling a bit mellow.  I just have been playing music from “The Peace and Love Generation”.  Hey, that’s me.  If you grew up in the 60’s and were a teenager in the 70’s you are with me.  I have strong associations with some of the tunes.  I remember a certain guy and the Leonard Cohen.  He will always be “The Stranger”

“You find he did not leave you very much not even laughter
Like any dealer he was watching for the card
That is so high and wild
He'll never need to deal another”


But I admit it I am glad I didn’t miss the 60’s.

I have found that Mr. Love did write quite a wonderful work.  Having work on this book for a few weeks now I find that the chapter on double squeezing was quite challenging.  I thought I knew a lot about double squeezes but I now realize that I knew too little to know what I didn’t know!

Here is a fun squeeze for you.  It didn’t give me too many headaches.

Exercise 15 from Bridge Squeeze Complete Chapter 2


clip_image001 AK64

clip_image002 KQ95
clip_image003 74
clip_image004 764
clip_image001 Q9
clip_image002 A72
clip_image003 AK65
clip_image004 KQJ3

Contract: 6NT by South

There is no bidding from the opponents your auction went something like 2NT-Stayman-No Major-6NT.  They are playing standard carding

West leads the clip_image00410. East plays the clip_image0045 and you win the clip_image004J.  You cross to dummy on the clip_image002K and play a club. East wins the clip_image004A and returns the clip_image003J, West following with the clip_image0038. You play the clip_image002A and the clip_image001Q with everyone following. Obviously you have the rest if hearts run, so forget that for now.  What now?

Don’t you love these hands which have so many different choices, most conveniently not mentioned by Love.  Fortunately Chapter 3 on strips and endplays is not taxing at all.

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