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Cloudy with a chance of …

Ray and I just got back from Vancouver where for once the whole family was together.  He was sick while we were out there and now it is my turn.  So my brain is not only jet lagged but also diseased. 

Ratbert finished going through the Love problems and if my brain cooperates I am going to try to work through the corrections now so the problems should be online in a few days.  The new books came into today and I love my Love.  Its really got a great cover.  If you want a look at it here is the link on Amazon

Love Revised And Beautiful

I have my own author copy to admire.

I was thinking that my next project along with fund raising for Canadian teams, ABTA teacher of the year, ebooks and marketing ,.. would be more software from our current books.  When Luise gets back I will get her to show me how to work with the LIN files.

I have been thinking about the Hall of Fame and I really believe that players should be chosen based on ability as well as results.  I know its hard to evaluate ability but that is why you have selectors.  If it was only on results you could do it with a computer and a spreadsheet.

But, the Hall of Fame I want to see would have players from all over the world.  And I like the idea of having a player category along with say a builder category for people who contributed as great writers, (Terence Reese perhaps, he may be too tainted as a player but he wrote some great books) or administrators.

I did try to play mini-bridge with my older grandsons and they really like playing cards.  I downloaded the BBO client and I am hoping that Cassidy will join me online soon.  He is 10 very bright and really eager.   His seven year old brother Malcolm loves cards too.

So if you see Cassidy99 on BBO say hi to him.

I am taking my cloudy brain to bed now.


JUDY KAY-WOLFFJanuary 29th, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Hi Linda:

Welcome back. Sorry you are under the weather, but I can testify that you prove the old adage, “you can’t keep a good woman down. ” As you know, I am the villain who challenged the ridiculousness of the current (and past few years’ ) handling of the ACBL Hall of Fame balloting.

You have to look to the Selection Committee first (both the size and what many consider some unqualified and biased individuals who serve). The Primary Hall of Fame was created to honor the SUPREME talents of our game who emerge very rarely and a number of today’s slate has turned this once revered shrine into a total mockery of its original glory. I know you are busy, but if you have not already seen it, look at OUR husbands’ comments (in total accord) — Comments #44 and #45 respectively on From the Sublime to the Ridiculousness of this year’s ballot. Since so many circumstances have to be considered, results alone have little to do with the overall prowess and genius of those who are intended to be honored. We all know there are extenuating circumstances leading to the win and loss column (involving professionalism and money) which ignobly taints the results.

The present voting method leaves much to be desired, proven by the fact that Eric and Sami had to belatedly and disgustingly make it through the back door — though their record of talent and morality cannot be challenged. They can stand alongside the best of them with heads held high.

What have to be recognized (AND NOT CONFUSED WITH THE PRIMARY HALL OF FAME) are the VON ZEDWITZ (for deceased experts who were not recognized in a timely fashion during their lifetimes) and the BLACKWOOD (for living and deceased individuals who made OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GAME in areas OUTSIDE OF BRIDGE EXPERTISE). As long as there is no overlapping or mixing — the quality of the present Hall will maintain its dignity (with the exception of a couple of less than honorable players who have already indiscreetly been enshrined).

Your proposed World HOF is easier said than done. Who would make the decisions? Many of the ‘automatics” are long since gone and the ‘exalted Blue Team” would forever be a bone of contention. You are opening up a can of worms that best remains closed as few still alive are in a position to judge those who have gone to their eternal rest — as far as talent, honor, morality and all the other goodies that go into a world class player. Let sleeping dogs lie. We all know who the greats of the game are (or were). We’ve got enough problems maintaining the dignity of our own Shrine — without contamination or pollution by entrance of those who do not belong (with entitlement being via par excellence — not money).

LindaJanuary 30th, 2010 at 11:36 pm

Baseball had these problems too and still does. Steriod assisted home runs….

Anyway, I think I would start with players that are alive today. But to be honest this is a project for somebody else right now. I am busy with too many other projects.

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