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Imp Decisions

I played an interesting 10 board team match with Karen this afternoon.  I though I write up a few hands in the form of a quiz.  The opponents were a practiced pair and seemed pretty decent. 

Question 1

s_thumb2224222 AKQ932

h_thumb2228222 J98

Copyofd_thumb2224222 A

c_thumb225322 J108

You are East, white on red and you open 1s_thumb2224222 in first.  South bids 3Copyofd_thumb2224222.  Partner raises spades to game and North bids 5Copyofd_thumb2224222.  What is your call?

Question 2

The opponents have this auction red on white

1h_thumb2228222 2c_thumb225322    
2h_thumb2228222 3Copyofd_thumb2224222    
3h_thumb2228222 4h_thumb2228222    
4NT 5h_thumb2228222    

Your hand is

s_thumb2224222 Q94

h_thumb2228222 QJ2

Copyofd_thumb2224222 A1076

c_thumb225322 985What is your lead?

Question 3

You are not vulnerable against vulnerable playing against good opposition (us).  What do you bid on this hand after partner opens 1NT

s_thumb2224222 Q642

h_thumb2228222 953

Copyofd_thumb2224222 K864

c_thumb225322 K7Okay so these problems aren’t so tough but lets see if you got them all right.  Here is my unbiased opinion and what happened at the table. 

Answer 1

I think it is right to bid 5s_thumb2224222.  This hand says offense to me. Try partner can have a wide range of hands but these colors are so forgiving.  In total trick land there is probably about 20-21 total tricks.  If we have 11 they have 10 and vice versa.  5s_thumb2224222 is right.  If you pass it to partner she will probably double and that won’t be as good a result.  You need to take the push to get a push since the opponents were allowed to play in 4s_thumb2224222 at the other table.

s_thumb2224222 J1086

h_thumb2228222 64

Copyofd_thumb2224222 72

c_thumb225322 AKQ93

Answer 2

Did anybody NOT lead the Copyofd_thumb2224222A!  Did you think it was a trick question, dude?  (I just always wanted to say dude like that, sorry).  It cashes and so does your trump trick.  Any other lead and they are writing up +1430.  This is a big swing because the opposition played in game not slam at the other table.

  s_thumb2224222 A

h_thumb2228222 K

Copyofd_thumb2224222 KJ942

c_thumb225322 KQJ1032

s_thumb2224222 Q94

h_thumb2228222 QJ2

Copyofd_thumb2224222 A1076

c_thumb225322 985

  s_thumb2224222 J108653

h_thumb2228222 53

Copyofd_thumb2224222 Q83

c_thumb225322 76

  s_thumb2224222 K72

h_thumb2228222 A1098764

Copyofd_thumb2224222 72

c_thumb225322 A


Answer 3

I prefer pass on this hand not vulnerable.  You have a flat eight count without good spots and no aces.  I know partner could have hearts and a fitting 17 or something.  A long time ago everybody passed on this hand.   At my table the opposition just bid 3NT!  At the other table they did bid Stayman and played in 2NT when there was not fit.  I didn’t find the best lead but they still went 2 down for a push).  If you pass 1NT you have a decent chance of making it.

I find with some partners they are quite forgiving and you can do think a bit off-center with them and its okay.  I did for example overcall 1c_thumb225322 with 1NT with a fourteen count and six clubs.  Karen ended up in 2s_thumb2224222 which wasn’t the easiest contract.  She figured out the ending (a trump endplay) to make it.  Thanks Karen. 

And I did have a fun hand to play in 1NT with I had to guess the ending for yes really a strip squeeze and endplay.   The defense was not perfect and some good unblocking (two good unblocks) would have avoided the end play but it was still fun. 




Dave Memphis MOJOFebruary 11th, 2010 at 2:39 am

Did you think it was a trick question, dude?

LOL, very funny!

TimFebruary 12th, 2010 at 3:34 am

Umm…I disagree with the notion that they rack up 1430 on any other lead. Small spade runs into the ace, now how are they supposed to cash both of their heart tricks (thus removing the ruff from east) before running two clubs from north and pitching the diamonds? If they play the king of trumps first, then go up to the ace of clubs, they have no entry to dummy. If on the other hand they play up to the ace, they have no way of playing the ace of hearts before attempting the club run, in which case east ruffs the third round of clubs, south has to overruff or concede a trick, and they’re left with a diamond loser, and in fact a spade loser as there is still no entry to dummy. -2? Only way for them to pull out to -1 is to lead up to the diamond themselves (in which case west MUST take his ace otherwise they can make)

(this is assuming south has the singleton ace of clubs, from the number of cards I think you have accidently added KQ93 of clubs to south)

Am I wrong?

Linda LeeFebruary 16th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

I fixed the hand in answer 2 which had way too many cards in the South hand. Yes, a spade lead would also beat it because you can’t get rid of enough clubs. Only a club or a trump will allow you to make it. Still I think the ace of diamonds is clearcut. If you led a spade half marks and all the imps/

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