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Arm Hurts

I fell down the stairs yesterday.  It is a twisty staircase from the attic to the bedroom on the second floor.  I saved myself with my right arm but it paid the price.  My right arm hurts a lot when I type (or really when I do anything at all).  I think I did something unspeakable to my right tricep and maybe part of the shoulder.

I mention this by way of an excuse for less blogging and even more mistakes than usually.  Many of you have pointed out errors I have made and some of you have just ignored the little typos.  I thank all of you.  I can’t help it.  My brain is wired that way.  It moves quickly but not accurately (a butterfly with a broken wing?)

I really want to thank the squeezer who downloaded the Problem Hands from Clyde E. Love.  He found some interesting points although as it turned out the analysis of the squeeze was not wrong in either hand. We are updating the Problem Hands right now – fixed should be online in a day or two. Thanks to Rainer Herrmann.  Any more feedback would be welcome.  The squeeze deals can be downloaded for free at

Thanks also to Richard Pavlicek who found the dreaded 12-14 combo in my blog on  I am writing a bit about signaling for bridge students.  One of the things I am thinking about now as I am about to do attitude signals is how to explain to students when count is appropriate and when attitude. 

I have a busy weekend playing bridge coming up so I hope my arm isn’t too distracting.  I am thinking about buying some kind of support.  I can actually type but I have to be careful to make sure my upper arm doesn’t get moved while I do it.

In between playing bridge there is the men’s curling final and some hockey games to watch.  If the Canadian men make it to the final I will be watching it while playing bridge.  I am not sure how Colin will cope since he is my partner at that time – he will have to work out how to get a computer near the TV.

We are making a lot of progress on our new design for bridge blogging.  It is going to have a lot more pictures including bloggers pictures on the home page.   So watch for it in a few weeks.


Ross TaylorFebruary 26th, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Get better Linda, and consider physio if it nags for too long.

FredFebruary 27th, 2010 at 3:12 am

Linda, Linda, Linda….can’t leave you alone for a second. Get well soon…see you when the kitchen is fini 🙂

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