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Bridge and the New York Times

Just as I was getting ready to leave for Florida I opened up my ipad to the New York Times, my favorite newspaper.  One of the headlines was this

Yorktown Heights New York…. For Students Raised on ipods Lessons in Bridge.

Eileen Crowley-Bloss their teacher explains that dummy in bridge means silent partner – not the “other meaning” to her grade school class.  I quote the article  “Lakeland district in Westchester County began teaching bridge this year as a way to reinforce math and problem solving skills and to socialize a generation of children raised on solitary pastimes like video games and ipods.”

Hurray for them.

Warren Buffet in an article I read fairly recently said that he had ended the school program because sadly it didn’t work.  Pooh!  It works.  We need to teach kids bridge.  Let’s find a way to get more schools interested.

To see the whole article: New York Times Bridge Story.  You will love the picture of second grader Max who says “Bridge is more fun than chess.”

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memphis mojoApril 26th, 2011 at 2:17 pm

I thought the writer did a pretty good job for somebody who doesn’t play bridge and the photos were great.

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