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Do you believe in miracles … the knockout begins

As always there was a lot of excitement when the round robin drew to a conclusion yesterday and the final qualifying positions were decided.  But for Canadian supporters there was some jubilation as the Canadian Open Team managed to hand on to the fourth and final qualifying spot in their group of sixteen. We anxiously watch the Canadian scores come in while watching team USA on vugraph.  Congratulations to both Open teams and to the USA women who also qualified.  The round robin in the seniors continues today.

Team Canada now has the opportunity to play what is quite possibly the best bridge team in the world, Monaco.  If as seems probable they go no further in the competition the will have done well.  Nobody expects them to win; there is no pressure and they should go out and enjoy the experience.  Having been in a somewhat analogous position myself, I don’t think they will do that, they will go out there believing they can accomplish a miracle.  Is such a miracle possible.  I would never say never.

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