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Dream On

After two sets the Canadian Open Team is doing remarkably well against Monaco. They just finished a huge set winning 57 to 29 to take the lead 69 imps to 57 imps.  Wow!  Go boys.  Nick and Judy are doing an amazing jobs as coach/NPC.  And the team members are excited and eager to play.

At the same time the Canadian team won a spot in the quarterfinals.  Katie Thorpe, the team captain, is off to the captains meeting where they will find out who their opponents are and then not much later they will start to play them.

I talked to Hazel Wolpert who is so proud of Darren who is on the Canadian team and Gavin her younger son who is doing so well as a pro in the US.  “They are both winners,” she said.  “And I am so happy.” 

The American Open team is leading India 59 imps to 25 imps while the US ladies are trailing 35 imps to 59 imps after two sets.  The US Senior finished fifth and will go on to the knockout phase.

I hope to see all the North American teams have a winning day and that the good luck continues tomorrow when the quarterfinals end.

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