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In the Hands of the Captain

If you have been following the Canadian Open Team as Ray and I have (and in North America if you were up very early) you will notice that the Canadian Open Team was leading Monaco up until the last board of the first set this morning.  On that board the pair of Dan Korbel and Danny Miles played a six heart slam in Exclusion Blackwood when they passed out 5.  That cost 19 imps and they ended the set with a cumulative net of down 4.  Still they are in a virtual tie have played arguably the best team in the world level for 3 sets.

Why did Miles pass?  He said he had a lapse of concentration and I am sure he immediately knew that he had made a mistake.  These things happen.  So what should the captain do?  I asked the NPC Nick Gartaganis.  He decided to put Korbel and MIles back in.  He believes that they need to stay confident and not brood about their mistake.  He isn’t sure he made the right decision.  But I think he did. 

Nick and Judy are terrific people and terrific captain and coach. 

They told me that they have received support from many of the other teams who are hoping for a Canadian victory.  Perhaps they would like to see the tough Monaco team out of the tournament.  But I think there is a bigger thing happening.  They are supporting the “little team that could”.  The gallant giant killers.  The Canadian David.


SallyAugust 16th, 2012 at 1:44 pm

Go Team Canada!

Stacy JacobsAugust 19th, 2012 at 12:34 pm


How was Canada’s NPC selected?

I have a few articles in process about my experiences with the US Women’s team in Lille. Want to run them for me? 🙂


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