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12 Days of Christmas Blogs Start Tomorrow

Ray and I are enjoying pre-Christmas in sunny Sarasota Florida.  We had a wonderful dinner with friends last night – Ray has an amazing recipe for barbeque spareribs.  I wonder if I will even by hungry by lunchtime.

We plan to spend today at the pool, tennis courts and of course a bit on our computers.

We wish to wish all of you a great holiday season and a wonderful 2013.  (Is that the bar mitzvah year for this decade?)  Will ’13 be lucky or unlucky?  At least the world didn’t end with the Mayan calendar.  I just hope that there are no more predictions of the end of the world for a long time… it gets kind of wearing, all that worry.

Our bridge lesson at the “Landings” in Sarasota start in about a week and we are looking forward to them.  Free bridge lessons is the main way that Ray and I contribute to the wonderful community where we spend the winter.  And while many of our students will never go to a bridge club or tournament we already know that they enjoy playing bridge at home with friends and I think there needs to be more of that.

Competition is fine but just enjoying the game is something we should encourage.  When you compete there are stresses and emotions that ideally are not there in the home game – hmm, I seem to remember that isn’t always true.

Happy Holidays .. enjoy the blogs over the next 12 days.

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