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Bali Starts … Seeing the results

It may have been just me but it took a while to find the official WBF Bali pages, with results, bulletins etc has the links to the results, bulletins and photos.

All of us at Master Point Press wish all the North American teams great luck. We have some exciting young players joining some veterans this time around.

And of course best wishes to all our bridge friends who are competing in Bali.

The first Bulletin is already on the web and the front page is very colorful indeed with pictures of Bali dancers performing at the opening ceremony. 

In the Open Event USA 1 starts off against Brazil and Canada faces Poland and USA 2 takes on Australia.

In the Venice Cup USA 1 faces South Africa, USA2 hosts Japan and Canada faces China.

In the seniors USA 1 vs India, USA 2 vs South Africa and Canada vs Guadeloupe.

I shall try to stay awake for the first match which starts at midnight my time and even do some commentary a few nights.

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Dave Memphis MOJOSeptember 17th, 2013 at 1:37 am

Thanks you for the link.

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