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Results in Bali from a North American Perspective

Good days and bad days:
In the Bermuda Bowl USA 1 and USA 2 are struggling. I did commentary on the match between USA 1 and Indonesia and will write a bit up about that later. USA 1 has played some of the tougher teams and few of the weaker ones.  I could look for some excuses for their weak start. They have already played USA 2, Monaco, Brazil and Poland. I am looking for a stronger set today. USA 2 has had a difficult opening schedule. They have played Argentina (who is in fifth at the moment), USA 1, Italy China Brazil and Poland and their score shows it. They are very near the bottom of the field. 

On the other hand the Canadian Open Team (sponsored by Master Point Press) moved down the track a bit. They ended Day 1 in second spot but slipped down to 9th spot with a couple of losses to England and Japan. So far Japan has been doing surprisingly well (to me at least) and our in second spot.

The standing in the women’s event will being a smile to North Americans. With USA 2 third USA 1 fourth and Canada fifth.The Canadian women had a good day moving way up the rankings.

The top teams in the womens events are a bit more predictable because there generally is a bigger difference from best to worst as you move down the field. Poland, Netherlands, France and China are in the top eight as you would expect.

The Canadian Seniors team is doing well and is in fourth place. With the USA teams in ninth and tenth spots.

Canada is doing as well as ever, a bit of a bridge backwater that produces some great players many of whom end up south of the border. But so far the American teams are a bit of a disappointment.  Go USA! Go Canada! (You always knew where my loyalties lay). 

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