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The Canadian Team Trials – Is Canada A Second Rate Country?

This is just a short diatribe. When I went to watch the Canadian Team Trials on BBO I found that there was no broadcast of the women’s event or the seniors’ event.

Now I understand we are a smallish country but really if Turkey and Morocco and Australia and lots of others can do it why can’t Canada.

As Master Point Press has never been asked to contribute I can’t imagine it is a matter of money. Are we short of volunteers? Perhaps someone can describe the problem and maybe together we can find a solution.

So why do I care? First I think that watching our players compete is a gift to all Canadian BBO bridge players. Its interesting and its fun. Yes, we can learn by watching the greats from other countries but I would like to watch my friends and also watch the future stars of Canada.

Congratulations to all our the winners who will be heading off to the World Championships. And I do appreciate all the effort put in by the organizers and especially the volunteers.




JRGMay 9th, 2017 at 3:11 pm

I fully agree with your sentiments.

The problem might be that being a “vugraph operator” is non-trivial and requires a degree of practice. It also doesn’t hurt to be a good bridge player. Often those that that are vugraph operators and are capable of following the auction and play would rather be playing in events.

I know first-hand some of the difficulties as, when living in Costa Rica, I tried to get things set up so the CACBF Zonals would be broadcast. We had some practice sessions, but the volunteers were too nervous to commit to working the live event. They weren’t fast enough and often lost track of either the auction or play — compounded when someone claimed, often accepted very quickly (what was the claim?). Also, most events worthy of being broadcast are played with screens (this is how we handled the training sessions) with the vugraph operator positioned at one corner of the table. During the practice sessions, the operators were allowed to ask questions of the players, but clearly in the actual championship matches they would only be observers.

There are also security issues as the pre-dealt hands have to be loaded by the vugraph operator prior to the start of the broadcast. The vugraph operator has to be on-site, so either a local or someone who has traveled to the venue. Obviously, decent Internet (WiFi is best) is critical.

We do know, from the number of vugraph broadcasts on BBO, that all the above are manageable. Perhaps the problem is getting commitment?

lindaMay 9th, 2017 at 9:32 pm

Lets set up a person who starts now or soon at least to organize a full set of vugraph for the finals and semifinals of all three major events next year.

Figure out how much it costs and fund raise. I am prepared to help with the fund raising. I am sure that logistical problems can be solved. So many other countries have solved these problems.

Judy Kay-WolffMay 11th, 2017 at 3:19 pm


Your desire to ‘put the show on the road’ is quite admirable. You and Ray are such a credit to the game. I do hope that the Lees’ audience is aware of the magnanimous contributions you both have unselfishly made to bridge in an effort to provide everyone universal enjoyment via Master Point Press!!

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