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Some Nice Bidding

I have been having a lot of problems with the last hand of the set on BBO.  Maybe its just that I think oh good I can have a snack now and can’t wait for the hand to be over.  I don’t know.  But rather than dwell on that I was thinking about how well Isabelle has been bidding.  Here is a lovely example from yesterday night.  She held (red on white)

S 5 H KQ10532 D J76 C A95

David Isabelle Jeff Linda
    Pass 1D
1S 2H 3S 4D
Pass ?    

What do you bid?

I opened 1D and David overcalled 1S.  Isabelle bid 2H and Jeff preempted 3S.  I bid 4D and Isabelle loved her hand.  I have extra values and a really good diamond suits.  She has a fit with a source of tricks and every suit controlled.  She bid 4NT.  I bid 5C which showed 4 controls.  David doubled presumably showing clubs and Isabelle continued 5H asking about the diamond Queen.  I bid 5NT showing the queen and no king to bid.  Isabelle could see that we had plenty of tricks and she bid 7D.   My hand was

S A942 H A4 D AKQ954 C 7

and we had no trouble making this fine grand slam.

Although the next hand did not have a happy ending I thought we did well to get to this good slam.  Isabelle held S AK10976542 H K72 D 8 C void

All Vulnerable

David Isabelle Jeff Linda
  4D* Pass 4S*
Pass ?    

Isabelle opened 4D Namyats showing 8-9 tricks.  I bid 4S which was a mild slam try.  How do you proceed? 

Isabelle cuedbid 5C and I bue bid 5H.  This was great for her and she bid 6S.  My hand was

S J83 H AJ84 D 1096 C KQ9

Nothing worked on the hand and we didn’t make it unfortunately.

Good job Isabelle.

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