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Thank you for your comments; here is another challenge

Many people have sent me comments in email or via the BLOG to let me know what they think of what I have said.  Some have provided helpful bridge advice and some have just told me I am full of it.  I love it all.  Keep it coming. 

One good thing about the current circumstance is that  Isabelle and I have an opportunity to do some system work.  We have played quite a bit in the last while and we have noticed some areas that could be better.  I am certain I will be seeking your advice on some of it.  But I will save that for another day.

Here is a hand Isabelle and I have been chatting about it.  I am not going to say who had what hand although some who were at the tournament will obviously know.  I am interested in your comments.  It is stars one of my favourite system features two of a major showing 5-5 (or possibly 6-5) in the bid major and a minor.  It is a weak hand but can be as much as 9.

First I give you this hand.

S 108 H Q109864 D K9642 C void

You are in first chair vulnerable and your extra heart length and good heart spots convince you that there is no problem opening 2H.  LHO who at favourable vulnerability bids 3C.  They are playing the defence you provided and this is marked as natural.  Partner bids 4C and RHO bid 4H.  It is your call?  Now I know you expect me to give the rest of the story but I am going to stop right here.  I want to hear with you think.  

So up to you.


Dave SmithJune 3rd, 2008 at 2:54 pm

I assume you mean you opened 2H and LHO bid 3C, 4C by pard and 4H by RHO.

Because you have don’t really know what partner has, I would hate to bid in front of her.

lindaJune 3rd, 2008 at 3:02 pm

Thanks for your comment Dave. I fixed the writeup so the auction is clearly as you describe. Usually when partner makes a cuebid there is a reason. I think you should try to figure it out and then if you still think passing is the right bid, great.

Hervé ChatagnierJune 3rd, 2008 at 7:44 pm

I would think your partner’s 4 club bid sets up a forcing pass situation. With opener’s hand, I would pass and leave it up to partner. Partner should figure out that I have a club control since with a doulbleton club, I would double. If I hear LHO bid 5 clubs and partner passes, I would bid 5 hearts. If partner bids 5 hearts, I would pass.

lindaJune 3rd, 2008 at 8:49 pm

I love this hand it is really more interesting than I had even thought. I agree that the act of bidding 4C created a forcing pass situation for the partnership. But it isn’t as if they are going to play in 4H. It would be different if that were a possible contract.

I don’t think that this is a typical forcing pass – ie
pass promises at least second round club control. But perhaps that isn’t a bad idea.

If pass here show at least second round control (as it would if LHO had bid 5C) what does 5C mean? Does it show first round control or does it show an even more offensive hand than pass.

What does double mean? It could suggests that you have a poor hand or that you might want to double them or even that you are maximum!

You have several other bids available too 4S, 5H, 5D and 4NT. Does 5H deny a club control or does it show extra distribution and/or a lack of defense?

You do want to give partner some sort of message.

This whole area does need some partnership discussion.

Thanks for the comment Herve it really opens up the discussion.

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