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Still feeling out the system

In the next couple of days I am going to start consolidating  email and backs of envelopes and start putting together something more like system notes.  As we play we discover the nuances of bidding after opener has limited their hand.  Here is one such auction.  Colin opened 1H at favourable vulnerability.  We were playing against the rhyming Dascher and Lascher.  Dascher overcalled 1S and I held

S 932 H 98 DAKQ106 C 962

I took the overbid of 2D.  I just wanted to get the fine suit in.  Now Colin bid 3C.  I suppose that even with a limited system this has to be a game force or does it?  I thought it did so I bid 3S since if he had a spade stopper notrump seemed right.  And there we were much to high.  Colin had

S KQJ H AJ654 D 4 C K743

I suspect that he thought it was okay to bid 3C because he had limited his hand but if that is true than shouldn’t 3H be non-forcing (or maybe we just both overbid.)

Sometimes taking a push isn’t so bad.  Do you agree with my hand evaluation on this deal?  Lascher opened 2H all white and it was passed to me in fourth chair.  I held S K10984 H 92 D K7 C AQ87.  I know that my call here will not be to everyone’s liking, I bid double.  I just like to double in case my partner is trapping and I accept that it doesn’t always work out.  Colin bid 2NT Lebensohl and when I bid 3C he bid 3S invitational.  Of course, I bid 4S.  I know I have a minimum but he did pick my 5 card suit and look at those spot cards.  Most of the missing cards are going to be onside.  What do you think?  It turned out to be right when Colin held

S J632 H A8 D A986 C J54 and the spades were both onside, (the club king was as well but that really didn’t matter).

And an interesting system feature came up towards the end.  I opened 1C and Colin bid 3S.  Scrambling to my notes I realized Colin had 4-4-4-1 (with a stiff club) and four or more controls.  We are in slam try territory. I held

S AK932 H AQ74 D 84 C K8

The problem is that the system notes ended here.  I am not sure what 4C would be.  Perhaps it should ask Colin to bid 4D and then I name the suit to start a slam sequence.  After that we can then cue bid or keycard.  Anyway I bid 4S to set the suit.  Colin bid 5D which denied the club ace.  I knew he had the remaining controls I needed and in the worst case we might need a spade break.  I bid 6H.  (I am not sure why.) And we played there when  Colin figured I was asking him to pick the suit he had the most cards in.  Colin held S Q1054 H KJ105 D AKJ2 C 3 so this was a very good result.  We do need more system here though or at least agreement on what opener’s rebids over 3S means.

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