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Wow the new beginner book is awesome

It’s always exciting around here when a new book arrives from the printers.  Yesterday our new beginner book, "Barbara Seagram’s Beginning Bridge" came in the door and we couldn’t wait to open the book and take a look.  Barbara had dropped by and we had a long chat about the book and just a few hours later the courier arrived with our cartons. 

The book was beautiful in appearance.  I love the cover.  It shows Barbara teaching.  See what you think.

The book has great visual appeal.  I like the way the cartoons, photographs and other illustrations worked out.

We created this book to allow an individual or small group of people who are new to bridge. to learn enough to play bridge with their friends.

My sister and her friends are going to try it out as is Becky, an intern who just arrived at Master Point Press to work on all aspects of electronic publishing.  So we will get some quick feedback on how easy it is for self-learners.

Of course its even better to have a teacher and this book will serve that purpose as well.

Anyway, we worked hard with a lot of help from bridge teachers to make the book modern and suitable for a wide range of teachers and students. I want to thank of all of you who helped. I hope you like the book as much as I do.

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Barbara SeagramJuly 4th, 2008 at 12:01 pm

Linda, I just picked up copies of our first beginner book and I am so excited about it. It looks great and I know that beginners will enjoy the hands in the book which will allow them to practice at home. I am off to teach in Vail, Colorado, armed with new books, always fun!

Barbara Seagram

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