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Defending while bidding

Some years ago I help George Mittleman write an article about defence and how you could set up the defence with the bidding.  This article was republished in what I consider to be a terrific book called Northern Lights.  Here is a hand where Colin knew exactly how to defend from the auction.  I think the defence is very pretty see what you think.

Colin held S Q5 H KJ6 D 83 C KQJ987

This is how the auction started out

West Colin East Linda
1S 2C 2S 3S
pass 4C 4D DBL
4S ?    


When I doubled 4D Colin knew just how he would defend.  If I could start off with a couple of diamond tricks.  So he doubled.  Here is the whole hand

  S Q5  
  H KJ6  
  D 83  
West C KQJ987 East
S AK943   S J1087
H A10543   H Q98
D J10   D K9642
C 2 Linda C 4
  S 62  
  H 72  
  D AQ75  
  C A10653  


Colin started of  with the diamond eight and I took the first two tricks with my AQ.  Just as he had planned.  I made the necessary play of cashing the CA before returning a spade promoting a spade trick in Colin’s hand.  (If you don’t cash the club declarer can discard one on the club return. Even if declarer ruffs high and throws Colin in to on the third spade he can give her a ruff-sluff with no damage.

Sometimes it all worked out just as it did in your head when you made the double.  Right, Colin?

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