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The system works!

Vulnerable against not, Colin opened a club yesterday and the system actually worked to get us a good score.  Here is what happened.  Colin held

S KQ863 H AK98 D K C A65

He opened 1C and I bid 1D showing 0-8.  Colin bid 1S showing five or more spades.  This bid is forcing one round.  I bid 1NT showing 0-5 HCP and no spade fit.  Colin bid 2H which can be passed but I burst forth with four hearts.  I held

S 97 H J107432 D 963 C 108.

The hand broke normally and four hearts was easy.

Okay, so my bid was a touch aggressive but we would have got to game anyhow.  Since if I bid 3H Colin will bid four.  This hand was passed out in 1S at a lot of tables.  I know see the wisdom of the forcing one of a major. 

We both enjoyed this hand too.  It has nothing to do with system and a lot to do with Colin’s aggressive style and our good defence.  Colin held S AQ93 H 94 D 974 C K976.  The opponents were vulnerable and we were not.   After two passes West on his left opened 1D and East responded 1S.  West bid 2S and I balanced with a double.  Colin bid 3C and West took the push with 3S.  Do you pass or make a call?  Colin doubled.  I lead the S4 and this was dummy.

S K862 H KJ72 D K1063 CA

Colin won the SQ and cashed the SA and another spade.  At the table declarer played on hearts, allowing Colin to ruff the heart and return.  Here is the whole hand

  S AQ93  
  H 94  
  D 974  
West C K976 East
S K862   S J1075
H KJ72   H A86
D K1063   D 52
C A Linda C Q1084
  S 4  
  H Q1053  
  D AQJ8  
  C J532  

Declarer could win the club return, and ruff a heart to hand to play a diamond up.  I won the DA and played the DQ.  Declarer could only take the diamond and his last trump for two down.  We took three spade tricks 2 diamond tricks, and a club trick.

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