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Canada’s Chances

I was reading in the latest edition of the Bridge Bulletin about the Canadian Team Trials.  Interestingly enough, Paul Thurston had submitted a hand played by Francine Cimon in the last set up the final where she made 6D on a very pretty piece of dummy play ending in a squeeze.  Francine Cimon, in my humble opinion, is the best currently active women bridge player in Canada.  She is one of the best card players in the country.  I won’t repeat the hand but it is on Page 20 of the August 2008 bridge bulletin.  I was thinking about who else I might put on the list of Canada’s best women players.  If you are brave enough to go there just put in a comment or email me at  You can be relatively anonymous if you want.  It does take a brave person to express an opinion in this arena.  I would say that my CWTC teammates have a claim with a long history of success and I have always thought Joan Eaton is a very tough opponent and fine player.  I enjoyed playing with Katie Thorpe who is one of the best partners to play with and I have partnered Mary Paul who is a ferocious competitor and talented player.  I played against Sheila Forbes online not so long ago and she reminded me just how good she it although she keeps saying that she isn’t playing bridge any more.  Who do you think are the up and coming stars?

I have also been thinking about Canada’s chances in the Open Teams in the upcoming Olympiad.  I could be wrong of course but I think this team has a reasonable chance of doing fairly well and it is my pick for the Canadian team that will have the best result in Shanghai.  It combines experience with youth and talent.  I haven’t seen the draw but I like there chances of making it to the knockout round and after that who knows.  Could they win a medal?  I think it is possible.  Below is the picture from the CBF website. 

CNTC Winners

Robert Lebi, Kamel Fergani, Nicolas L’Ecuyer, Marc-Andre Fourcaudot, Dan Jacob, Vincent Demuy


What do you think?  Anyone want to take a crack at predicting how they will do?

Just to feel confident I went back and looked at the last set of the CNTC final.  The action was hot and heavy from the first board. Generally there were lots of ups and downs and lot of excitement.  Our guys will be brave bold and resolute.

Here is a hand that typifies the type of action from the final.  You have

S A1076 H AKQJ8643 D J C void  with everyone vulnerable what do you like in fourth chair.

Fergani opened 4H which I do like.  Doug Fraser in fourth chair overcalled 5C and it was passed based to Fergani.  Do you like his choice 5H?  Doug doubled and partner had just enough:

S Q943 H 72 D Q73 C Q843

At the other table Lorber opened 1H and eventually bought it for 4H.

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