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Playing with the mystery man on BBO

I like to go onto BBO now and again and play a few hands with whoever happens along.  Sometimes I play in a baby game and sometimes I try for a tougher game although I find it can still be pretty random.

Today I was playing with someone labelled A player.  Not much was written on his profile except that he he was an expert.  I have played in games with him before but I don’t think I know who he is.  Here is a hand we played.  The only discussion was 2/1.

A player held:

S A642 H A32 D void C AKQ1075

He opened 1C with this nice hand and South overcalled 1H.  I bid 2D and a player bid 2S.  Here is what happened next:

Me North A player South
    1C 1H
2D pass 2S pass
3C pass 3H DBL
3NT pass ?  


Although 3NT looked like a decent contract on the auction A player was not giving up on a slam.  Despite wasted diamond cards slam still looked very good.  He bid 4C.  I cuebid 4D and a player bid 4H.  When I cuebid 4S he jumped to the club slam with 6C.

Here is my hand.  You will notice I bid a lot but I liked my hand more and more as a player bid.

I held S K3 H K7 D A97632 C 962

As it turned out the lie of the cards was friendly and 7C made.  I commented after that it was a very good auction for strangers.  The short discussion afterwards indicated that a player was not a stranger.  But just as he was going to tell me who he was he had to leave.  He promised to tell me next time.  Isn’t that intriguing.  Now if you all know who A stranger is don’t tell.  It’s too much fun this way.

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nick fahrerAugust 26th, 2008 at 12:18 am

I know… and I’m not telling but I will give you a clue that is close to your heart. He/she is a published bridge author.


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