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The best 10 website so far (10 sites after 9 days)

I decide to write a list of the top 10 bridge sites I have visited so far in my web search.  Actually I ranked about 14 sites A and it was very hard to get it down to 10.   I decided to use a variety of different site types to narrow it down.  The best blog, the best links, the best forum etc.  My criteria was the site that would be most valuable to expert players so if it was more focused on bridge students it didn’t make my list.  I looked for content, organization and ease of use.  Any site I mentioned (unless I suggested it was under construction) has merit.  So here is my top 10 by type


The blog is the only free content


Hugh Darwen and friends problems

Personal site

Richard Pavlicek’s articles, problems +

Larry Cohen bid em ups and articles

Mike Lawrence articles


Oldest and best forum, very active


Lots of bridge links by category

Bridge movies

Jeff Goldsmith’s site movies and a lot more



Bridge World magazine glossary and more

Glossary and interesting links






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