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Handicapping Open Group B in a Chinese Restaurant

Here are the teams in Group B of the Open in alphabetical order.




French Polynesia

Hong Kong











San Marino



It seemed a pretty straightforward group when I consulted the Oracle but since we were at the Mandarin restaurant (a yummy Chinese buffet) tonight for Colin’s birthday I decided to consult the fortune cookies for inspiration in forecasting group B’s finish. The cookie I got said “all your answers lead to questions”.

This wasn’t helping so I tried an online fortune cookie site and this is what it said

When you least expect it an idea you value may finally pan out.

Today’s advice: Trust yourself.

Both the Oracle and I like these four teams for the top spots:

China. Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands and there is just a snowball’s chance in October that Argentina or Hungary could sneak in.

This is my order:

1. Russia

2. Netherlands

3. Sweden

4. China

The Oracle likes Netherlands first and Russia second, but the cookie said to trust yourself.


Paul GipsonSeptember 20th, 2008 at 11:34 am

This is the group of death for Scotland as far as I am concerned. I expect China, Netherlands, Israel, Portugal, Russia and Sweden to be the top six with Austria close behind.

I think that the Dutch, Russians, China and Israel will prevail.

Shyam SSeptember 30th, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Let me make a guess here.

1. There is no doubt about Russia. It will probably qualify top of the group.

2. I am not so sure of Netherlands or Israel. They are both possible but no certainty.

3. I do not fancy Sweden or China. China has a stronger team, but their women’s team is much more likely to win something big.

4. I agree Hungary or Argentina can sneak in. There is one other team — India. One of the three pairs is in absolutely top form at this time; and if the other two perform above par, they should qualify easily. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

So my choices for this group are:

1. Russia

2. Netherlands

3. China

4. Hungary or India

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