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As I was doing my entry for the World Mind Games contest I realized I needed to understand how the pairings in the round of 8 and round of 4 were organized. Since if 2 teams were likely to play each other they couldn’t both make it to the next round. So here it is.

Round of 16

1. Group A v Group B and Group C v Group D.

2. In each pair of groups the first placed team of each group chooses its

opponent for the round of 16 among the 2nd, 3rd and 4th qualified of the

other group.

we now have eight matches

Match 1 is the winner of A and their choice from group B

Match 2 is the winner of B and their choice from group A

Match 3 is the 2nd place of B and the lowest remaining A

Match 4 is the 2nd of A and the lowest remaining B

Match 5-8 are the same with division c-d

Round of 8

Match 9 is the winner of Match 1 and the winner of match 8 (coming from the C-D division)

Match 10 is the winner of Match 2 and Match 7

Match 11 is the winner of Match 3 and Match 6

Match 12 is the winner of Match 4 and Match 5

Round of 4

Match 13 is the winner of Match 9 and 12

Match 14 is the winner of Match 10 and Match 11

There is a playoff for third place. There is no carryover into any part of the knockout phase.

Interrupting the conditions of contest did take a bit of work but I think I got it right

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