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Does someone want to handicap the senior teams?

I look at the senior teams entered in the World Mind Games and eureka! 

I realized I had didn’t really know the teams at all.  So I give up.  I can’t handicap them.  Can you?    Becky does tell me that we have some entries in our contest to pick the results in the Open Teams but we can still use some more to make it fun. 

If you are submitting your entry than I want to know is Canada going to make your top 16?  (Rumour has it that some of the team members do not expect to stay till the banquet, hmmm).

Believe it or not I just realized that the games start October 3rd.  I had this idea it was exactly when I was in New Zealand but actually I am not leaving for New Zealand until October 11th so I will be online watching and reporting right here at my keyboard getting no sleep for the first round robin.  I am psyched.  I can’t wait to gorge on all that bridge. 

Do you know what else is getting me excited.  I am now a bridge mentor as part of the BIL (Beginner and Intermediate Lounge) program.  I will be writing a blog about it on the student side of

( yes, I will be a two blog girl). 

I am definitely going to write more about BIL in a future blog but if you are interested in being a mentor (and what could be more rewarding) than check it out at

I expect that  I will also report on some of my experiences right here as well.  I love the game and I taught bridge and have written about it but mentoring someone one on one. that is new.

The other news of the day is that Colin and I are going to practice three days a week (mostly).  Colin has finished weeks of attending conferences and seminars.  (What a job, he has).  So watch for us on BBO on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9PM EST.  Colin’s BBO name is krakenappa and mine is lml.

I started to put together a complete list of all the websites I had visited in 15 days but it is going to take a while.  I am listing the sites URL, a description and giving each of them a grade.  But I am only going to indicate those that got a Grade A since it is so subjective.  I guess I will update my page to show the top 15 websites in my journey.

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Paul GipsonSeptember 29th, 2008 at 4:00 pm

Lots of unknowns for me too in the Seniors, but I’ll have a stab.

Group K (in qualifying order)

USA, Sweden, Denmark, England, France, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan

Group L

Turkey, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Indonesia, China, Italy, Canada

I expect the final four to be:

Winners: Turkey

Runners up: USA

Third: Poland

Fourth: Sweden

Forecasts provided PaulCo are “as is” with no express or implied warranty for accuracy 🙂

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