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My New Mentee

I did my first session as a mentor as part of the BIL program on Bridge Base Online yesterday. 

Anyone interested in being a mentor or having a mentor should go to

I am working with Kathy.  She is retired R.N. and who has played bridge for many years but didn’t have much change to compete since she lived in remote places like Moose Factory.  If you can’t tell from the picture it is on James Bay in Northern Ontario.


Kathy started to play bridge in 1998 on OK Bridge.  Kathy started to play on BBO and wants to improve her game.  Kathy has moved to the Bruce Peninsula (still in Northern Ontario) where she can play in bridge clubs.

We played yesterday on BBO and our West was Jahangir Ahmed from the Pakistan Open team was our West.  He was quite happy to help out.  Thanks Jahangir!  Both Kathy and I wish you the very best in Beijing.

I found something very cool on the Internet.  Here is an except

KARACHI, Sept 23 (APP): A strong 42-member Pakistan contingent will be featuring in the inaugural World Mind Sports Games to be held in Beijing (China) from October 3 to 18, Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (MSAP) announced on Tuesday. “Pakistan will be competing in Bridge and Chess event of mind sports extravaganza,” MSAP Director Tariq Rasheed Khan said on Tuesday.Over 4000 players representing over eighty countries from the globe will be taking part in the 16-day competition.Pakistan Sports Board has promised to extend financial assistance to the national contingent taking part in Mind Sports, he revealed.

Here is the link if you want to read the whole story.

Perhaps the most interesting point that came up during the session was almost the same as one that had come up with Colin the other day.

What type of hand should you have to make a weak 2 bid in fourth chair and what do the responses mean.  Can you ever open three of a minor in fourth chair?  What would that mean?  I am starting to think that this area of fourth hand openings needs a lot of thought.  Has anyone done any work in this area?

Here is an interesting hand that I held.  Kathy did great on this hand but I am not sure I did.

♠ Q1075
♥ —
◊ AKJ8732
♣ A9


West opens 2♥ with noone vulnerable and it is passed around to you.  What do you bid?  I don’t like double all that much with such strong diamonds and a heart void.  I am not going to sit for 3♣ but I am not that much off a 3◊ rebid so I suppose that is okay. I bid 3◊.  Maybe a bit wimpy.  We ended eventually in 3 ♥  doubled which worked out fine.

Kathy and I will be in the BBO bidding room next Monday.  She is such a pleasant person I hope I can do a good job for her.

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