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One blogger asked this question: “How bid a loser do you have to be to need performance enhancing drugs to beat somebody at checkers?” 

Well, fellow, as someone who has played bridge in events like these it starts with caffeine!  These events are tough.

One thing I saw was that the checkers guys are taking this mighty seriously


I also saw that Paul at

is expecting to win Becky’s contest for picking the top teams.  I can’t wait to see who he picked.  I am getting a little worried about my entry because I picked South Africa to do well and now I am thinking that maybe there showing last year was a bit of a fluke.

If you are interested in chess you might like Marcus Yeoh’s blog

I thought this was interesting

NEW RULES OF CHESS?According to the Chinese Chess Association, the chess competition schedule of the World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) has been officially released. From 4 October to 17 October players will compete for the ten individual gold medals. The schedule is very tight, a participant for the super-rapid individual events will play over eleven rounds one day, which is a severe test of the strength and the willpower of the participants, especially to those who also play other events concurrently.

The WMSG Chess Schedule includes the rapid and super-rapid events; in super-rapid event each player has three minutes to think and two seconds for every move, in fast games each player has twenty-five minutes to think and five seconds for every move.

Want to see something really cool.  Here is a commercial for the games on youtube

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