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Round 1 of the World Sports Mind Games, the prospect for the North American teams

I am planning to focus on the Open and Senior in the world sports mind games tonight.  I plan to live blog the first match.  So I will likely pick one that is being broadcast on Swan Games or on BBO.  How will things go for the North American Open teams.


You would expect Canada to do well in its first round match against Albania.  But they are in tough in their second round match against Italy.  The third round match against Ireland should be interesting but they need to win matches like that one to make the round of 16.  With 75 victory points and 45 (15 each round) average  I would like to see If they can hold their own against Italy they should finish above average today.  I would like to see 50 VP on the board for Day 1.


USA should have a huge day today.  They are playing three teams which they should beat easily, Jordan, Philippines and Botswana.  I would expect them to get 70 VP or so and be first or second in their group at the end of the day.  Olympiads are all about beating up the weaker teams and this USA team should be good at

The Women’s teams are Ray’s bailiwick but I will do a forecast for today.


USA is playing India, Italy and Palestine.  None of these teams should poise a big challenge.  With at least two of them being tail enders I would expect the ladies to rack up 65 VP or more and be at or near the top of the group.  The American women are very experienced and they know how to wring out those all important VP’s from the weaker opponents.


Canada has a very tough start.  They are playing China who are on home turf and will be solid.  Denmark who are quite good and France.  France is a bit of an unknown quantity to me since this is not their usual team.  If the French ladies are nearly as good as the normal French team the Canadian women may not finish the day above average.  But even if that happens don’t worry there is a lot of bridge to play and I expect the Canadian ladies to qualify.

Once I see the senior play some matches I will try to do some forecasting.

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