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Looking forward looking back – N.A. Teams Daily Forecast

In the interests of honest blogging I thought I would go back and compare my predictions as I forecast today’s results.


USA got 50 not 55 mainly because I expected them to kill Reunion instead of losing to them.  Picking themselves up after the loss to Reunion I expect a big day today.  They have to play Greece, Switzerland and Venezuela.   Greece made be the toughest of the lot but it shouldn’t matter.  The US will get at least 65 VP.  They will lead their group after tonight

I was pretty spot on with the Canadian Open team.  They did have a tough day and Brazil was their toughest opponent.  I thought that 50VP would be good.  Well they actually managed 45.  Canada is playing Estonia, Kenya and South Africa tonight/tomorrow.  Estonia has been playing tough.  Still I am going to go with and above average performance.  It’s hard to qualify in the Open and they have to play tough – 52 VP.  They will hand in at or near the top 4 in their group.



The US ladies did improve on their first day 48 VP score as predicted 61 big ones.  Well done.  Today they have to play two relatively tough matches against Lithuania, Norway and Reunion.  I am expecting a bit over 50 victory points which should be just fine.  They should end the day near the top in the group.


I said that they would do better than the 37 VP they earned on the first day and they did manage 39.  They have a bit of ground to make up but today is a good day to day it.  They should play with no mercy against tail enders Jordan and Bermuda and defeat Indonesia.  I see 52 VP today which should move that into contention for a playoff spot.  Go girls.  Canada will move up to near a qualifying position.

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