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North American Results after 9 matches and prediction for Day 4

Open Canada

In Group A of the open  Canada lies in the final qualifying position finishing up fourth as a result of getting blitzed by South Africa in the final session after getting two good scores against Kenya and Estonia.  They ended up with a total of 49 VP on the day.  I had predicted 52 and said they would hang in at or near the top 4 in their group behind Italy Denmark and Estonia.  So my crystal ball is glowing happily.  Canada is playing Slovakia and France today and have a bye.  All in all this should be a fairly easy day for the Canadian men.  A chance to sip some tea (or perhaps a stronger beverage) and reflect on their fine start.  I think they will end the day with a 58 VP which should keep them in the top 4.

Open USA

I had expected the American men to score 65 VP yesterday which was a bit optimistic, they “only” scored 62.  But this was not enough to put them in the top spot in their group.  The group leader Serbia scored 63 VP to add 1 VP to their lead.  Germany has 191 VP and the USA 183.  England and Indonesia round out the top 4. 

The USA has a tough day today, playing Belarus and Serbia who are doing quite well.  They also are going to meet group leader Germany in what could be a big match for the group lead.  This one needs some help so I am going to consult Chinese fortune telling.  Here goes: I get Hsieh (Deliverance).  Advantage will be found in the Southwest.  This sounds like a USA victory over Germany.  I think the US will end the day with about 52 VP and still be easily in a qualifying spot but maybe not at the top of the table

Women’s Canada

The Canadians beat my estimate of 52 VP getting 54.  But they are still well back in twelfth place.  They have a tough match today against the group leaders Spain and Venezuela will be tough too.  They should beat Serbia though.  The Canadians need to make a move soon.  I hope they can manage 52 VP and keep moving up in the standings.

Women’s USA

The USA ladies came out strong beating my predictions for yesterday handily and winning 63 VP.  They are near the top of their group as predicted in second place with a good score of 172, 21 VP behind a soaring English team.  They have two easy matches today against Egypt and Trinidad and while China Hong Kong is in fifth place I think they will have no trouble with them.  They have outdone my predictions for the last two days so I am going high today and estimating they duplicate yesterday’s performance with 62 VP.  England is a long way ahead and will stay that way.

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