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Our WMSG Contest and a Scottish viewpoint of the WMSG

I was reading Paul Gipson’s blog

the beer card

and enjoying how he was reporting on the very same things I was but with a Scottish burr.

For example in the women’s he was planning out how the Scottish ladies who are in the same group as Canada could take a qualifying spot I was hoping might go to Canada.  Maybe they both can qualifying.  In the same blog

down to the wire

he also talked about how his picks are doing in our contest for picking the WMSG winners.  At the moment Paul has 11/16 and I am 10/16.  So bragging rights at this stage go to Paul.  I still have some chances to improve.  Well see at the end.  My picks below.

I also decided to take a peek at some of the other entries.  I stole the worksheet off Becky’s desk and I did a bit of analysis without paying attention to the names of the entrants.  Here is a couple of interesting things I found.  Who were there any teams that every entrant picked and how are they doing.

Here they are: China, Italy, Norway, Poland and the USA.  All 5 of these teams are in qualifying position right now.  But the voting group did not all get two of the leaders Israel and Germany.  Germany was a frequent selection but by no means universal and almost no one picked Israel.  (I know you did Paul).

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the tournament to our contest participants was Estonia who are currently second in their group.  No one at all picked them.

Here are my picks and how I am doing so far.

Group A

I did expect Italy to win Group A and they have it locked up right now.  My other three choices were:

South Africa



While only Canada is in a qualifying spot at the moment Brazil is within 5.5 victory points of Denmark (3rd place) and even South Africa has chances 10.5 VP back.  This group is still up in the air.  I think Estonia will qualify and I definitely missed that.  (As did Paul apparently). 

Group B

I did forecast the second place team Netherlands and the third place team China.  But I completely missed Israel.  I picked Sweden (which would need a miracle) and Russia which has no chance.

Group C

I did get Norway and Bulgaria who look sure to finish first and second.  Bulgaria which I picked is in third place 13 VP ahead of fifth but accidents can happen.  I picked Egypt who are somewhere up the Nile River.

Group D

Here I have Germany and the USA who are almost certain to qualify.  I have Turkey who is in fourth spot only 8 ahead of fifth with sixth way back.  However my fourth choice Australia is somewhere in the outback.


Paul GipsonOctober 9th, 2008 at 8:22 pm

Clearly will go down to the wire.

BTW my surname is spelt with a ‘p’. I’m used to this but my wife is still complaining about having a surname that everyone misspells (after twenty years!).

Paul GipsonOctober 9th, 2008 at 8:23 pm

I was the Scottish Women’s NPC at the Europeans, so I have an emotional investment in their performance.

Go Girls!

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