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Predictions and the rest of the round of 16 results

Round 16 Ladies and Seniors

In the women’s the overdogs prevailed in these matches:

Germany beat Brazil, USA beat Spain, England beat Singapore, China trounced Poland. 

The Netherlands-Denmark match was not surprisingly pretty close and Denmark beat the Netherlands by only 12 imps (one game swing or so).  Rounding out the women’s it was France over Sweden, Turkey over Finland and Russia over Italy.

In the Senior USA had an easy time with Belgium.  (Sob) Canada lost to Hungary.  Australian defeated Pakistan, Indonesia defeated China Jong King, the Netherlands took out the last Chinese team (Chinese Tapei), Japan defeated Germany and Poland lost to England.  One match was a heartbreaker.  France lost to Egypt by 1 imp.  What is happening to French luck.  First their open team bowed out to Romania on a tie breaker and now the seniors lose by 1!

Open Round of 8

Italy versus Poland

This is a hard one to call.  Both these teams are very good.  I can’t decide.  I really can’t decide.  I pick Poland but …

China versus Norway

Home field advantage only gets you so far.

Romania versus England

I don’t think lightening is going to strike twice.  Heroic Romania is going down.

Netherlands vs Germany

Another hard one.  I am going with Germany. 

Women’s Round of 8 – my choices are in bold

Germany vs China

USA Denmark

England vs France

Turkey vs Russia

Senior’s Round of 8 – choices in bold (no real idea but tossed a coin)

USA vs Hungary

Australia versus Egypt

Indonesia versus Netherlands

Japan versus England


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