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Top 10 things we like about Sydney

This is a joint blog from Ray and Linda.

10. We liked the outdoor stalls that sell a variety of food, gorgeous fruit, beautiful flowers and all sorts of other things.

9.  Our apartment hotel.  This was a real apartment not a suites hotel and perfectly located.

8.  We like the whole transit system.  The ferries are particularly wonderful and the one week pass is a real bargain.

ferry in Sydney Harbour

7.  The world class beaches.  If you like surfing you are going to love them but for the rest of us there is gorgeous huge sandy beaches and lots of people watching too.

6. Australians, who are very friendly and just as polite as Canadians.  We like the way they stood up on the bus for people who needed seats

5.  The baked goods are great!  We loved the cookies (bringing some home), the pastries and even the bread

4. The weather.  Our rule one of travel is that no place with palm trees can be all bad.  With the sun shining in Sydney in the spring, it is perfect. 

3.  The Rocks – “Old” Sydney, full of restaurants, art and well yes, souvenirs.  But it just doesn’t feel like a tourist trap.

2. The Zoo – who can resist a koala. 

The number one best thing about Sydney ……

1.  The Harbour and the Opera House.  We salute the people of Sydney who had the courage to build the Opera House which now is a symbol of Sydney.  We even liked going to an opera there.


Opera House from walkway


ColinOctober 28th, 2008 at 11:20 pm

Both of you liked the Opera or just one of you like the Opera and the other the Opera House?

Also – there’s a few of us here who want to try a cookie… save us some!

SallyOctober 29th, 2008 at 1:47 pm

I agree! (about the cookie). And I’m glad that Linda enjoyed (at least for the first couple of acts) the opera. Can’t wait to see you come home! Unfortunately, you’ll return to winter and no palm trees, and a crappy transit system (at least the bus up Avenue road). But snow is fun, at first.

JenOctober 29th, 2008 at 7:04 pm

Hi guys! Just checking in to see where you are… (I forget when you get home) glad you’re enjoying the sites…

Judy Kay-WolffOctober 30th, 2008 at 12:24 am

Linda: Your Ten Best List was absolutely delightful! It is obvious you let no grass grow under your feet and took advantage of every waking moment. If I get one more telephone solicitation or campaign pitch, I am thinking of moving myself. Sydney sounds pretty good to me. Welcome back!

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