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The Rabbi’s Rule Strikes Again

I missed this sweet hand from my last Blog.  It comes from the very last hand Colin played last night.  There is really nothing remarkable about this hand or is there.  Play some spooky music please:

  ♠ 64  
  ♥ K52  
  ◊ AK107  
West ♣ A1097 East
♠ K   ♠ J8732
♥ AJ10873   ♥ 964
◊ 86532   ◊ Q4
♣ K   ♣ J42
  ♠ AQ1095  
  ♥ Q  
  ◊ J9  
  ♣ Q8653  

Colin played in 3NT after an uninterrupted auction.  He managed to lose to the stiff ♠ K and the  doubleton ◊Q but the critical stiff ♣ K right to make the hand.  After he finished playing it I told him he would have a laugh when he looked at the whole hand.

The rabbi rules.

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