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More conventions

At Kathie’s lesson last week I decided to add just one more convention, Jacoby 2NT, to show a game forcing major suit raise.  There really isn’t any good way to show this type of hand if you are using a raise to three of the major to show a limit raise.  I don’t like the idea of just bidding a new suit first.  What do you do if partner opens 1♥  and you hand looks something like this:

  ♠ A4  
  ♥ KJ763  
  ◊ AQ3  
  ♣ 654


Fortunately Kathie has a copy of Conventions You Should Know, so she could read about it before the lesson.  We had a happy time bidding major suit hands after that but I got so excited at how well Kathie is bidding that I have to admit I did one little thing I hadn’t planned… well one bid thing.

I discussed cue bids.  We did agree to the following rules for now,

  • We are only using cue bids with Jacoby 2NT. 
  • A cue bid shows either an ace or a king a singleton or a void in the suit bid. 
  • We make the cheapest cue bid available. 
  • A cue bid shows extra values.

Do you think it was wrong to talk about cuebids just now.  It was just that after Jacoby 2NT you might want to make a slam try and I don’t know how else to do it.  What do other bids mean after 1♠ – 2NT-3♠ otherwise?

Kathie took to cue bids like a Canadian to Miami.  After this we went back and practised 1NT auctions, which did need a little review. 

So now Kathie and I are going to the big time.  I know we have a lot more bidding to do but I think it is time for a game.  So we are going to go to the BIL room on Tuesday at 1PM.  It is a chance to discuss real hands, with competitive bidding, play and defence.

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