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I have been working on my program of improving my thinking.  I am not measuring anything at the moment – I don’t have a before and after so I won’t really be able to tell.  Anyway I am having some fun.

Part of the program is getting a couple of problems everyday from the ” Head Brain” at

Here was today’s riddle.  You should have no problem with this one.

Title: Six Letters it Contains
Category: Riddle

A word I know,
six letters it contains
subtract just one,
and twelve is what remains.

I am also trying to make sure I do some planned physical exercise every day, a bridge activity and some time on some other game as well.  Right now I am working on memory games and hidden object games.  My daughter suggested memorizing some poetry which sounds like fun.  The later is helping me to develop patience with problems.  Usually if I can’t see the answer right away I just do something.  I am working on that.


One of the things I have been thinking about lately is why don’t people play money bridge much any more.  When I went to visit the only rubber bridge club I know of in Toronto there was only one table of bridge.  Everyone else was playing other games.

What happened to the rubber bridge clubs and the money games of the past?  Does anyone have any thought about this?   I am not really a gambler although in my youth I did play a bit of money bridge from time to time.  I know that everyone thinks that you learn more that way.  I don’t think that but it did create a bit of a different atmosphere.

There are all sorts of poker games online, on TV, in casino.  What is the matter with bridge?   What do you think.

Mark Horton and Liz headed home yesterday after a short visit.  We are looking forward to seeing them in April along with Brent Manley and Donna if she can make it.  Here is a picture Liz sent me of Donna, Ray and I working on a geocache in Boston and looking a bit cold (but having a good time).

Boston and Toronto 2008 016

A geocache is a hidden box which you find by using a GPS to go to the geographic coordinates provided by the hider.  For more about geocaching go to  I promise you it is a fascinating hobby.

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