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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some days you shouldn’t get up.  I think a lot of people around here felt that way today.  They called it Snow-magedon.  No really they did.

Here was the radar at 7:45 AM.  See Toronto in the middle of the bulls-eye.

The Lee’s had one casualty.  Ray lost his Blackberry.  I am sure it is out there somewhere under a pile of snow.  We did search for it but believe me the snow was falling so fast and was so deep that the poor thing is buried.

I am not allowed to snicker about this, even though Ray always gives me a hard time when I lose something.  But I did have to hide the small grin that was on my face.

So, with not much happening at work or at play I tried to play some pickup bridge.  The first episode was brutal.  Okay, I was wrong on this one.  But I didn’t deserve what followed.  After five very good results including one where I played the pants off of 4.  This innocent deal came up.  Here is my hand


We were not vulnerable against red opponents. This is how the auction started with me in first chair.

1 Dbl pass 2
3 3 dbl rdbl


Now I never pull redoubles.  I always figure that we are smarter than the opponents.  But partner had passed the double of 1.  Since he probably had five spades he couldn’t have almost any high card points or he would have bid 1 himself.  Yeah, okay maybe I shouldn’t have pulled it.  As it turns out on the lie of the cards  3 is one down.  But this launched a tirade of inappropriate vocabulary which didn’t stop even after I made him an enemy and left the table.

Want to know what partner had (just for interest).


Later on I thought things might be better and tried again.  This time I had a very pleasant partner but he definitely wasn’t playing bridge as I know it.   But no hard feelings and no need to make him an enemy.

I wrote a blog on about balancing.  I discovered that Kathie and the other student at our table last night hadn’t ever heard the term.  When I went to write lesson 1 for them I realized how very complex this topic is.  You can let me know if you think I did okay.  I stuck to the situation that actually occurred in our practice game.  The opponents were about to play 1 so I bid my five to the ten spade suit.  It is hard to explain to someone that you are already bidding the cards.  I mean what is that … xray vision?  Kind of.

Well maybe tomorrow it will stop snowing and I can go out and buy the last things I need.  Do you think the toy stores will be busy?


MaggieDecember 20th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

Good info for students on balancing at


MaggieDecember 20th, 2008 at 5:48 pm


second web site should be

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