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Canadian Master Point and our new website

You may be aware that we are launching a new site to sell ebooks and other electronic products tomorrow.  We planned our launch tomorrow to be rather low-key so we could see how things are going so we haven’t done any publicity at all yet so if you try out.  The plan is for the site to open noon EST Monday January 26th but we might be a teeny bit late so don’t give up if you have a problem.

Ebooks Bridge

you should see a selection of some of our titles that you can purchase for download.  Over time all of our current books will be available in ebook form and almost all older books as well along with our software.  The great things about ebooks and downloaded software are: no postage and you have it exactly when you want it and you can’t lose it (we have it backed up for you).  Our ebooks have some special extra features too and our generally less expensive than the paper book.

But another reason to go to the site is that we will have a free issue of Canadian Master Point magazine available for you to download after getting a free membership.  And we intend to keep adding new magazine issues (to start one a month) so that in the long run you will have a lot of them available on the site.  It’s possible the free download might be available a day or so late (Tuesday).

I decided to take a look at this month’s downloadable issue.  It is dated January 1996.

In this issue there is a wonderful story by David Silver which is a bridge version of the movie/book A Prisoner of Zelda.  It has some wonderful one-liners and David’s own special gentle humor.  This story features Wright Cardinal who most local players know is our good friend and proof reader Ron Bishop.  I will give just a little away by saying that their opponents in the story are “unbridge players” who are incredibly lucky.

Fred does a writeup of a fabulous invitational tournament in Copenhagen where he played against 15 top pairs.  Everyone played in formal wear and there was a lot of press coverage.  There is a picture of Fred playing with George Mittleman against Omar Sharif.  Fred describes some interesting deals in his usual thoughtful manner.  (Is it a good thing or a bad thing I never had a chance to play against Omar Sharif, I wonder?).  Fred and George finished third behind Zia and Peter Weischel (first) and Buratti-Lanzarotti (second)

Ray has an article about a clash squeeze that was reported to him by David Lindop from the Blue Ribbon Pairs in Atlanta.  I do remember discussing it with David that night.  It is the only clash squeeze I know that occurred at the table.

There is a true bridge anacrostic for you to try by “The Griffin”.  I say true bridge anacrostic because both the quote (from a bridge book) and all the clues are about bridge.  I am not yet ready to reveal the identity of Griffin, maybe some time.  I am thinking about the clue “Do Californians use this to task for aces?” (7 letters).

There is too much more stuff to discuss in only one blog (so more later).  But I did notice one more article I am going to mention.  There is an article by your truly, looking wonderfully young in the accompanying picture.  The article is called “Coach Of The Year” and of course it is about Erick Kokish.  It describe a little about Eric and some of his coaching methods.

Every time I look at the magazine I realize how good it was and how sad we have given it up.  I think that Ray is one of the most talented editors anywhere.  He knows I think that.  Maybe some time I can convince him to join me and start up a “Zine” or online magazine.  It is so much work I know it won’t be for a long time, if ever.

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Luise LeeJanuary 26th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

When she said “teeny” bit late, she really meant it! I think I was off by one minute…

12:01 PM EST: is live! Go check it out!

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