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Being a wife

I haven’t been focused on anything but being a wife for the last few days.  Ray had a minor surgery which went very well.  He is in a fabulous local hospital called the Shouldice Hospital which is built on the grounds of an old estate and is run as much like a fine hotel as a hospital.  Anyway he should be home Monday.  We have talked and talked about everything from the economy to bridge and I took over a deck of cards.  So tomorrow I plan to kill him at crazy eights.

Talk to you all soon… Linda

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Judy Kay-WolffFebruary 22nd, 2009 at 1:12 pm

Linda — Sorry to hear the news about Ray being hospitalized — but relieved to learn he is doing well. Until The Lone Wolff, I never heard of Ray Lee or Masterpoint Press, but I can assure you both Bobby’s and my life have been enriched by our newfound association. Ray is a gentleman to the nth degree and a class act in every way. We admire his drive and determination to enrich the game by his diplomacy and innocative talents. It is quite obvious he is dedicated to expanding the horizons of the bridge public and improving the way the game is played by setting a wonderful personal example.

Our prayers and good wishes are with him for a full and speedy recovery!

The Wolves

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