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A New Free Magazine Issue Is On Ebooks Bridge

It’s time for a new free issue of Canadian Masterpoint on  It will be available by March 4.  The issue this time is April 1996.

I am going to confess that my favorite thing in this issue is the editorial.  It seems just as valid today as it did in 1996!  Alice in Wonderland is playing bridge at the Mad Hatters Tea Party and the whole group is having some “problems” with the alert system.  See what you think.  I confess that I wrote the editorial with a lot of editing and input from Ray but it was written in 1996 so no complaints if you find the alert system clear, easy to use etc.

There is a long article by Jim Kirkham reprinted from the 1996 COI magazine which is entitled whatever LOLA wants.  This deals with breaks in tempo and the law of logical alternatives.  Jim discussion how the use if LOLA by appeals committees causes a lot of issues.  As far as I know this article is still relevant today.

Another favorite is an article by Fred Gittleman called a suitable study.  He discusses a hand from the McCallan Tournament in London and how three of the world’s best players were in 6S and each played the spade suit combination differently and describes their thinking was.  It is very cool.  You will like it.

There is a lot of very good stuff in this issue including a humorous story by David Silver, a rather superficial article that I wrote about wee notrump (long before I played it) which pointed out how it could actually help the other side when they ended up declaring the hand and an interested set of hands to try bidding with your favorite partner.  Dr. Andrew Diosy, the bridge puzzle maker has a nice story about a hand where you need to decide whether you want to take a bet to make a contract.  My better half writes up some fascinating deals from the Canadian Trials.  A lot of them seem to have resulted in four digit numbers.  And there is even an article about transfer responses to takeout doubles; I need to think about that one.

Barbara Seagram has an article for students about the art of signaling which includes the interesting poem:

High-low, High-low

It’s off two tricks he goes.

Just keep on signaling all hand long

High-low, High-low

There are a lot more articles and even a bridge cryptic crossword.  So download your free copy.  It is easy and you can read it all on your PC and print out copies for yourself and your friends.  All you need to do once you get over to is to sign up and follow the instructions to download.

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