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Not Dull At All

The 8 Canucks (one with an American accident) met again tonight for 24 boards and quite a lot of action.  I was not concentrating on the first couple of boards.  I was busy all day yesterday and I was in a rush to make it on time to the game.  There is a lesson there.   I need to find a way to get set when playing online bridge.  I need to think about the best way to get my brain in action.  Maybe I need to go through a more deliberate checklist at each major point on the first hand.  Anyone have any suggestions or ways they “get into the game”? 

I did completely and egregiously misplay 3NT on the first board.  I am going to write it up but in the mastering bridge blog as a lesson to new players!  Since we are now featuring the Mastering Bridge blog feed on Bridge Blogging the deal in question will show up here a little later on.

Sondra and Isabelle are doing very well.  We compared with them again tonight and any time I thought we had a good result they duplicated it or even improved on it.     Let’s start with an interesting problem for East-West.  At favorable vulnerability you hold this hand fourth to speak.

♠ AQ108532
♥ —
◊ KQJ10
♣ A2


North opens 1♥ and South makes an irritating bid 1♠.  What is your plan?  I don’t have an answer to this question.  The choices I see at this point are pass, 2♠ (if natural), 4♠.   If you pass you might enter the auction in spades later or even somehow get diamonds into play.

Herve holding this hand bid a natural 2♠.   Pamela bid 3◊.  What now?  Herve bid a simple 5◊ which was doubled. 

At the our table the auction started the same way but Jeff passed.  I suspect that 2♠ was not natural for him.  North (me) bid 2♣ and Sylvia raised to 3♣.  It’s your turn.  Jeff bid 4♠.  I think 3♠ might have bid enough but maybe I am being too fine. 

Neither contract had much play when dummy arrived with a very disappointing hand and of course you know the spades don’t break.

Dummy is:

♠ 9
♥ AQ8753
◊ 8543
♣ 97


The biggest single swing was on this hand and is an opening lead problem.  Paul Thurston held

♠ —
♥ 642
◊ AQJ82
♣ J10765


Jeff Linda Paul Sylvia
pass 1♥ 2NT 4♣
5◊ 6♥ all pass  


Given as a problem I think most “panelists” would find the lead of a diamonds.  We could argue about whether the ◊J or ◊8 is better.  I like the ◊8 and that is the one Paul led to get his spade ruff.   I would also say that I liked Sylvia’s slightly pushy 4♣ splinter.  Her hand was

♠ KQ873
♥ Q975
◊ 1053
♣ Q


Well done to all, sigh. 

Here is a hand on which we blew the defense.

♠ K
♥ Q95
◊ A10854
♣ A542


The auction is:

Jeff Linda Paul Sylvia
pass 1◊ 1♥ 1♠
2◊ pass (less than 3 spades) 2♥ 3◊
pass pass 3♥ pass
pass ?    


Sylvia led the ◊6 and dummy has

♠ 1096
♥ AJ8
◊ Q73
♣ Q1076


I won the ◊A.  What is the best thing to do now?  I want to make sure that Sylvia overtakes the ♠K but how do I do it?  In retrospect I think it would have been better to cash the ♣A first.  I led the ♠K and it was game over.

♠ AQ852
♥ 10
◊ J962
♣ 983

At the other table they played 4◊.  This can be defeated on a club lead but it is nigh impossible to find.  

  ♠ K  
  ♥ Q95  
  ◊ A10854  
Jeff ♣ A542 Paul
♠ 1096   ♠ J543
♥ AJ8   ♥ K76432
◊ Q73   ◊ K
♣ Q1076 Sylvia ♣ KJ
  ♠ AQ852  
  ♥ 10  
  ◊ J962  
  ♣ 983  

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