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Practicing With Sylvia

Several people have asked me how Sylvia and I got together.  It was an accident really.  Our teammates needed another pair at the last minute and Sylvia and I were available.  I confess I wanted to go to Penticton anyway but I couldn’t convince myself to make the trip just to be a reporter.  Of course Sylvia and I were on the same team in Shanghai.

We have been practicing fairly diligently and today we were lucky enough to have some very good opponents at our table in a 14 board team-game today.   Here, Sylvia and I ended up in a slam when Sylvia made a gutsy bid.


Sylvia got a small spade which should have made her a bit anxious but she really had no choice but to take the finesse.

I also like her take charge bid on this board.  5◊ didn’t make but it had a chance.  3NT (played at the other table) was DOA.


I admit that we don’t have a lot of science in our bidding as you might in a long-term partnership but we should do fine on card play.  And if there are some deals that require good gutsy bids you know that Sylvia will be there. 

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