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Canadian Masterpoint October 1996 now available for upload

The next issue of Canadian Masterpoint magazine is available now for free download.  I have already been blogging about the editorial which talks about how to help bridge grow and develop in North America in 1996.  But there is a lot more in this magazine.

Eric Sutherland about the 1996 North American junior trials.  It is fun to look at the 13 year old pictures of the junior stars.  My favorite is a picture of David Levy, now a prominent Toronto lawyer who looks about 12 years old and very sweet.  Eric talks about a hand where he passed his partners cue bid and missed a slam.  In what I find a charming line he say:

"but we discussed the sequence in case it came up again.”

Cute, we all want to do it but is it really for that reason?  Maybe a few days later. 

Roselyn Teukolsky who talks about being “had” when she misread a hand after her opponent led the deuce from ace fourth playing attitude leads against notrump.  It doesn’t seem that bad to me but see what you think.

Fred Gitelman has a lovely story about playing with an opportunity to have his first game with Mike Lawrence at the Miami Nationals.  There are some lovely hands including two with the theme Beware of  Greeks Bearing Gifts.  I remember the Miami Nationals.  We had a condo in Aventura and friends stayed there with us as we commuted to the tournament.  It was very hot, the restaurants in South Beach were great and we fretted a lot about our son who was playing in the junior trials.   The funniest part was an appeal that featured our son Colin entitled The Dog Ate My System Notes but you will have to get a copy of the Miami appeals book to know more.  I am sworn to secrecy.

David Silver has one of my favorite stories in this issue.  It is called “The Four Feathers” and is based on that lovely 1902 British novel with seven movie version.  My favorite is the 1939 version


Four Feathers 1939 movie

There is lots more including some articles for learning players including Barbara Seagram’s article on a toolkit teaching how you can develop extra winners.

So check out and download your free copy.

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