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Going Away for a bit

I leave today to go to Penticton for the Canadian Team Trials.   I am looking forward to go especially for the following reasons:

  1. see everyone, it is a very social event with lots of hospitality time
  2. be on “planet bridge” where nothing else matters
  3. blog, blog, blog
  4. and of course to compete.
  5. visiting my family and especially my grandchildren when it is over

The Women’s Teams is a very nice event.  We are playing a round robin of 20 board matches.  That is long enough to reduce some of the luck and also to visit with your opposition a bit.  Yes, I am very competitive but I still think it is nice to say hello and chat a little bit. 

Penticton is a very pretty place.  I haven’t actually been there but I have been near by.  Ray will be there for the last couple of days and on a six man team there will be time to look around.

After that we are going to dry through the Rockies and over to my daughters place in Mission British Columbia.   We are told the drive is lovely.  Still I will look forward to logging on to BBO to watch the Men’s Finals.

The US Open Team Trials will be taking place the same week so it will be hard to cover as I would like.  It is sad that the dates overlap.

Things I am not looking forward to: long plane rides (I did get some nice new luggage), jetlag.  I could say that all I want is to play well and do my best.  But you know and I know that is a lie. 

I will be in touch online and back to Toronto in a couple of weeks, full of new experiences.


Dave (Memphis MOJO)June 6th, 2009 at 10:24 pm

Bon voyage!

Eugene ChanJune 11th, 2009 at 7:58 am

Mission is just 50 miles East of Vancouver. Driving from Penticton to Vancouver will not be over the Rockies. The Rockies is Eastward. You will go through the Rockies if you drive from Penticton to Calgary.

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