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The Winners

Despite my discussion about how to get the best open team for Canada this year I think the winners of the p[ene team trials are a good team and will be a good representative for Canada.  The L’Ecuyer team is young with good yound players like David Grainger and Daniel Korbel, Nicolas L’Ecuyer and Kamel Fergani, Darren Wolpert and Jurek Czyzowicz.  We all watched them grow up in bridge and while mostly they are not professional bridge players (few who play for Canada are) they are dedicated and talented.

The Senior team was strengthened when Carruthers lost the final so that John and Joey Silver joined Arno Hobart, Martin Kirr, the Shoe, Michael Schoenborn, Brantford ON and Boris Baran.  The Senior team are some old foxes all of whom have played internationally before.

I have noticed over the years that finals of long significant events are not always that strong.  Call it player fatigue.  There were certainly some hiccups as the CNTC drew to a close.  I was having a great time in Mission British Columbia with my daughters family but after hearing about the result I decided to take a quick peek myself.

The teams were only 15 imps apart as they started the last segment with L’Ecuyer enjoying the lead.  On the very first board Green opened his balanced 12 count with a mini notrump with nobody vulnerable.  This was doubled by fourth chair and that went pass pass back to Hanna who held


64 107
10982 AQ62
862 A753
J865 Q72

You do expect that the opponents have game since your side has a maximum of 13 HCP and if partner could only scramble 4 tricks, the number would be a small win.  But I confess I would not sit.  I would bid two clubs which shows clubs and a higher suit.  That is what happened at the other table and although partner had four hearts and three clubs they quite reasonably sat for it.  Despite a decent lie of the cards they could only take the obvious 3 tricks, two hearts (with the king onside) and a diamond.  In two clubs Fergani was able to scramble seven tricks after a club lead with clubs three-three, added by a misdefense producing a twelve imps swing.  In the end the match wasn’t all that close so no one board made a big difference.  I have several other deals to discuss but I will save them for when I am home.

Right now the sun is shining and we are teaching my grandsons bridge and chess.  We are in a particularly beautiful part of the world and having our first holiday in some time.

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